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Prayer of Saint Alejo to Drive Spells, Enemies, Envy, Bad Languages Here I leave you a prayer to ward off evil from their homes and to be in peace and tranquility. prayers  to sait alejo Oh, glorious Saint Alejo!


Invoking The Power of San Alejo Hold a pinch of San Alejo Sachet Powder in your hand while picturing the results you desire in your head. Then, release the power to the wind, sprinkle it onto the ground, or toss it into a source of running water.


Prayer to POMBA GIRA to unite lover and overcome obstacles in love (50,415) Saint Ciprano Return a Wandering Lover (49,644) Saint Alex Prayer (48,501) Saint Martin Caballero / Saint Martin Of Tours (33,930) ORACION DE REVOCACION CON SAN MIGUEL ARCANGEL (33,736) REVOCACION CON SAN ELIAS DEL MONTE CARMELO (33,373)


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》San Alejo Prayer《 Oh, glorious San Alejo, you who have the power to dispel all the bad that surrounds the Lord’s chosen, I beg you to keep my enemies away from me. Keep Satan away from me, the liar, the witchcraft, the sin, the one who comes to harm me. (May say the name of the person you want away from you)


Saint Alex, I pray to thee, through Jesus Christ I implore you. Remove this evil; remove these enemies that surround me at this time. Remove this hatred, this envy: take this person _________ far, far away. I ask of you Saint Alex and the Lord Our Savior to hear my prayers.


San Alejo, you who have the power to drive away everything bad. I ask you to move away from me to (name of the person). Take this person or thing that loves me away from my life and his intentions...


SAN ALEJO (Alex) - For Protection from enemies and Satan. To chase away evil! ST. ANNA - Used to gain friendship and love. ST. ANTHONY - To request special favors and success. ST. BARBARA - For courage to do the things you need to do and for promotion. ST. CHRISTOPHER - For safety in travel. ST. CLARA - To create understanding and knowledge.


SPANISH: SAN MIGUEL WAX COLOR(S): Red for Protection from Hexes , Spirits, Spells. Green for Protection of Money and Business. Purple to dominate an Occult Enemy. PURPOSE: Slayer of demons. Michael the Archangel clears away hexes and conquers all dead or entities sorcerers may send your way. Fierce Protector : Saint Christopher SPANISH: San ...