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Anoint the candle with San Alejo oil, applying it from the bottom of the candle up toward the wick. You can also put a few drops of San Alejo oil on the parchment pare where you wrote the names. Place the parchment on a white ceramic or china plate then place the candle on top of it. Place the glass of water next to the plate.


Burn our 7 Day San Alejo Candle to distance yourself from your enemies. For added strength place a few drops of our San Alejo Oil on top of the candle as it burns. Comes with the prayer in English and Spanish on the back. 2 1/2" Wide and 8 1/4" Tall; This candle will burn approximately 140 hours; 100% Paraffin Wax


Saint Alex. SPANISH: SAN ALEJO WAX COLOR(S): Purple Screen PURPOSE: Pink for those imprisoned. Purple against occult enemies. Light his candle on Sunday and pray to him for protection.


The saint lived in the eastern part and then his veneration was moved to Rome. The movement to Rome was accelerated by the fact, in an ancient legend form Syria, there lived a holy man in Edessa which is a region in Mesopotamia who lived when Bishop Rabbula was administering the church in around 435 who used to beg and they shared whatever the well wishers gave with other poor people.


The Meaning of Candle ... SAN ALEJO (Alex) - For Protection from enemies and Satan. To chase away evil! ST. ANNA - Used to gain friendship and love. ST. ANTHONY - To request special favors and success. ST. BARBARA - For courage to do the things you


• San Alejo - This candle is used to get rid of your enemies. • San Martin Caballero - This candle is used for success in a business. • San Judas Tadeo - This candle is used to bring an individual money and luck. • Santa Lucia - This candle is used for healing, especially for ailments of the eyes.


Below is a list of the meaning of 7 Day Color Candles & 7 Day Saint Candles. Any questions regarding candle usage, we’re here to help. Email us at order.naturalhealingsplus@gmail.com * Disclaimer-always burn your candles in a safe area. Keep out of the reach of children & pets 7 Day Color Candles


RED CANDLES: red candles is the color of lifes, blood, and emits. A very strong positive vibration. This candle in Palo Mayombe spell is used for domination and to have victory over enemies. Red candles in Palo Mayombe is used for: love spells, courage, energy, strength, protection against any psychic attack by enemies and to conquer fear.


Candle Magick - Meanings Of Colors In Candles and Magical Oils Uses - Duration: 14:50. RealGiftedSpells 120,504 views. 14:50. Pay attention and read your candle flames - Duration: 5:26.


SAN ALEJO (Alex) – Used for protection from enemies and Satan, to chase away evil. ST. ANNA – Used to gain Friendship and Love. ST. ANTHONY – Used to request special favors and success ST. BARBARA – Used for courage to do the things you need to do and for protection ST. CHRISTOPHER – Used for safety in travel ST. CLARA – Used to create understanding and knowledge.