Users can find an online tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy S in the Support sections of websites such as and On these websites, users can peruse various topics, including device layout, assembl... More » Technology Mobile

There is a tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 on AT&T's support page under the Device How-To Center. Instructions for the device are organized by category, and categories range from About Your Device to Settings and T... More » Technology Mobile

Activate a Samsung Galaxy S5 by inserting the SIM card provided by your cellular network provider. You must also set up a Google account to unlock all features. More » Technology Mobile
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The Samsung Galaxy S III is available at retail chains including Best Buy and Wal-Mart as well as online at and on The Galaxy S III is available unlocked and compatible with prepaid networks such as ... More » Technology Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S collects a history of your web browsing activity to allow you to view all websites visited. According to Samsung, you can clear the browsing history and remove this list through the use of the includ... More » Technology Mobile

The most effective method for repairing a cracked Samsung Galaxy S III screen is to install a replacement screen. Using a plastic opening tool, pry open the back case. Remove the battery and the SIM card. Using a heat gu... More » Technology Mobile

One feature that is unique to the Samsung Galaxy S II is its 4.3-inch SUPER AMOLED Plus display that provides excellent readability, vivid colors and better battery consumption. Another unique feature is the Galaxy S II'... More » Technology Mobile