"There is a tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 on AT More » Technology Mobile

More » Technology Mobile

More » Technology Mobile
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You can check electronic and cellphone retailers such as AT&T for free promotions of the Samsung Galaxy tablet. AT&T periodically runs specials that provide this tablet for free with a two-year contract as of July 2015. More » Technology Mobile

New Samsung Galaxy S5 users can set up their Samsung accounts from the phone’s Settings option. Users can also set up their Google accounts to access Google services, including the app store. The phone’s Smart Switch app... More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015, some interesting covers for Samsung Galaxy S4 include Urban Armor Outland Case Gear and X-Dora Dash Icon Case, according to Digital Trends. These phone covers complement the features of the Samsung S4 while p... More » Technology Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fifth generation flagship Galaxy phone produced by electronics manufacturer Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S5's main selling points include fingerprint recognition, a 5.1-inch full HD Super AMOL... More » Technology Mobile