There is a tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 on AT&T's support page under the Device How-To Center. Instructions for the device are organized by category, and categories range from About Your Device to Settings and T... More » Technology Mobile

Users can find an online tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy S in the Support sections of websites such as and On these websites, users can peruse various topics, including device layout, assembl... More » Technology Mobile

After fully charging the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and powering it on, the tablet may attempt to automatically activate itself depending upon where it was bought, according to the Sprint printable user guide. Touching Activat... More » Technology Mobile
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You can check electronic and cellphone retailers such as AT&T for free promotions of the Samsung Galaxy tablet. AT&T periodically runs specials that provide this tablet for free with a two-year contract as of July 2015. More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015, some interesting covers for Samsung Galaxy S4 include Urban Armor Outland Case Gear and X-Dora Dash Icon Case, according to Digital Trends. These phone covers complement the features of the Samsung S4 while p... More » Technology Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fifth generation flagship Galaxy phone produced by electronics manufacturer Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S5's main selling points include fingerprint recognition, a 5.1-inch full HD Super AMOL... More » Technology Mobile

Activate a Samsung Galaxy S5 by inserting the SIM card provided by your cellular network provider. You must also set up a Google account to unlock all features. More » Technology Mobile