Samples of employee write-ups can be found on and A selection of blank write-up templates that may be filled out on the computer and then printed can also be found on More »

If an employee fails to come to work without valid reason, it may be necessary to take disciplinary action by consulting with your Human Resources manager and creating a formal write up form for the employee to sign. Thi... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

To write a resignation letter, it is important to be positive and to keep the letter simple, brief and focused. This type of letter states the fact that a person is leaving the company and the date when his resignation i... More » Education Writing
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Free employee write-up and discipline forms can be found in the MS Office store. Third-party or non-MS Office formats may also be found by searching via Google for "employee discipline forms." More » Business & Finance Business Resources Office Supplies

Some informative articles about managing a business include "Be the Benevolent Dictator Your Company Deserves" from, "How to Manage a Business Effectively" from and "Four Tips for Organizing ... More »

Employee performance review templates should have room for basic information such as the employee's name, the reviewer's name, the date of the review, the review period and the number of months the employee has held the ... More » Business & Finance Careers

Examples of employee warning forms are available at and Both sites offer forms that can be downloaded or printed and are free to use. More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR