Sample nursing care plans, structured to meet the plan's clinical requirements with diagnostic indicators and desired, measurable outcomes, are available on the Internet from a number of sources. Sample plans range from ... More » Government & Politics Social Services

A health care professional filling a nursing care plan organizes data into four categories: nursing diagnoses, goals and outcomes, nursing orders and evaluation of the plan, says RN Central. Nursing care plan templates h... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

In order to provide proper care for a patient, a nurse carries out an assessment and diagnosis procedure and then uses the information to develop an appropriate plan of care to meet the patient's health needs, according ... More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging
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Common pediatric nursing care plans are either in a category by diagnosis or outcomes, such as a diabetes care plan or a cervical cancer care plan. The category of the nursing care plan can include the disease or sicknes... More » Family Parenting Babies & Toddlers

Medicare Part A covers hospital care, home health services, skilled nursing care, nursing home care and hospice. Services such as doctor visits, surgeries and lab tests, as well as supplies such as wheelchairs and walker... More » Government & Politics Social Services

WellCare is a company offering private health care plans to Medicare and Medicaid recipients that control and reduce unnecessary out-of-pocket medical costs. Guests on the WellCare website can choose the relevant qualify... More » Government & Politics Social Services

As of 2015, health care options for Georgia residents include health programs under the Affordable Care Act, state health insurance, and plans from other providers such as Cigna. Each provider has different plans tailore... More » Government & Politics Social Services