A congratulations letter contains praise of a person's accomplishment early in the letter and an acknowledgement of the work that went into earning the accomplishment. The letter is written in a standard letter format wi... More » Education Writing

A greeting card for a retiring coworker may include best wishes such as, "It's time to look forward to all the things you've always wanted to do" and "May all your retirement dreams come true," according to DGreetings. T... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some sites that offer free sample retirement letters include Live Career and A retirement letter is typically used to inform a company of an employee’s intent to retire, though it may also be used to congratul... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning
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A praise letter includes a proper salutation or greeting, an explanation for the purpose of the letter, a specific account of the reason the person deserves praise and a closing line with a signature. Depending on the re... More » Education Writing

Wording for a congratulatory retirement letter is typically casual, and it offers the retiree praise on reaching the accomplishment of retirement. The letter compliments the person for her career success and wishes her t... More »

When writing a letter or card to a mother who has just adopted or given birth to a new baby, a simple statement of congratulations is often enough. Heartfelt sentiments that express how happy the writer is for the new mo... More » Education Writing

A compliment letter is a physical proof of praise to an employee or business. Compliment letters are written simple, sincere and professional, and include specific details of the individual being complimented. When signi... More » Education Writing