Sample landlord letters covering all numerous topics are available at sites such as and Landlord letters offered at are not free, but users can view sample letters at n... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Free landlord letters can include a variety of forms and correspondences to inform a tenant of situations such as intent to enter the premises, a request for the tenant to pay outstanding rent or an eviction notice for v... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Templates for landlords to send to late-paying tenants are available on the websites for Landlord Station and Rocket Lawyer, as of March 2015. The letter can vary depending on whether the tenant frequently misses rent pa... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Landlords may screen potential tenants for evictions through background searches, credit reports and past landlord references. Landlords may also purchase tenant screening reports, and some states allow landlords to char... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

A tenant rent increase notice is a letter written to tenants stating that the landlord is raising the rent. Most areas have laws that state the landlord must supply the rent increase notice before officially raising the ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Some basic laws in the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act are that the landlord is not able to take away personal items of the tenant to take care of rent costs, that the landlord can't retaliate against tenants... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Termination letters to tenants should contain the date the letter was written as well as the date by which the tenants need to vacate the apartment. It should also include the tenant's current address, as well as a refer... More » Business & Finance Real Estate