An employee performance review should outline the employee's accomplishments, dependability, flexibility, adaptability and relationships with other co-workers and clients. The performance report should cover objectives a... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

The main components of an employee evaluation form are accomplishments, service and relationships, accountability and dependability, adaptability and flexibility, and decision making and problem solving. Additional porti... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Information to include on an employee evaluation form includes accountability, dependability, flexibility, accomplishments, service, adaptability and problem solving. Additional areas of the form should cover objectives,... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Some items on a completed employee evaluation include the decision making, problem solving, flexibility and adaptability and accomplishments of the subject employee. Additional portions of the completed evaluation form m... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

An employee self-evaluation or self-appraisal is a performance review the employee does himself in anticipation of a management performance review. A manager uses the self-appraisal as a starting point to discuss the pro... More »

Some examples of phrases used in employee performance reviews are "exhibits a steady and positive attitude that motivates co-workers," "demonstrates good written communication skills but needs improvement in verbal skill... More »

A written performance review should provide an employee with a balance of positive and negative feedback on job performance and set goals for the upcoming year. A well-written performance review should effectively cover ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR