If your bank has an online banking component, then you can find your checking account statements on your bank's website. Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and Key Bank are three U.S. banks that offer online banking and checking acc... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

For financial security, the best practice is to check your statement each month when it arrives, either via e-mail or in the mailbox. Also, you should check your credit card statements and other financial documents when ... More »

Most major online banking services let users register their accounts for online access, sign into those accounts and then view their statements remotely from anywhere they have Internet service. These services, along wit... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking
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As of 2015, TCF Bank offers online checking account access as part of its online and mobile banking services. Customers with access to TCF online banking can access any of their accounts, such as their checking and savin... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To set up a WestBanco online checking account, visit its website and select either consumer or business under the new online banking category at the top of the page. Read the electronic disclosure consent statement, agre... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Regions Bank customers can connect their accounts to an online banking service by registering through the Regions Bank website where they are asked to provide account numbers, Social Security numbers and contact informat... More »

Bank of America does not automatically enroll new account holders in online banking, but customers can sign up for the service within minutes on the Bank of America website. Anyone with a Bank of America account can enro... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking