A receipt or bill of sale is a document that confirms the sale and purchase of a significant item. It should confirm the value and ownership of the item, include information regarding any sales tax due and, in some cases... More »

A receipt for a car sale includes the purchase price, some basic information about the vehicle and the date and time of sale. Although the receipt itself is not proof of ownership, it can be useful for both the buyer and... More »

Receipt templates can be found at PrintableCashReceipts.com. There are 154 receipt templates available for free on the site, while custom receipts can be purchased for $7. The front page of the website displays the 15 mo... More »

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Use a sample bill of sale template to obtain the basic structure for the document from which you must customize to include the specific details of the sale, including the parties involved, the property in question and th... More »

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Filling out a MoneyGram money order is a straightforward process which involves filling in the payee's name, signing it, adding an address for the purchaser, detaching the receipt and retaining the receipt as proof of pu... More »

A straight bill of lading is the document that details a shipment that was paid for in advance or for a shipment that doesn't require payment such as a gift. The carrier issues the document. More »

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Menards' return policies as of 2015 are dependant on the type of item purchased, whether or not a receipt is present, and how long the return is from the date of purchase. In the case of a special order, a 25 percent res... More »