A salary is a fixed amount of money paid to an employee for his work contribution. Regardless of how many hours were worked, the salary amount remains the same. More »

Net salary, also known as take-home pay, is the amount of a person's gross income that remains after all payroll taxes and deductions are removed by the employer. It is called take-home pay because it is the actual amoun... More »

Negotiate a salary by researching the average range, waiting to discuss salary and presenting your proposed salary to the hiring manager. When negotiating the salary, ask the manager other questions such as details about... More »

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Severance pay is a specified amount of money that an employer pays an employee who is no longer in their current position. Reasons for severance pay include layoffs, elimination of a position or a mutual agreement to par... More »

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A prorated salary is a payment made to an employee for a portion of hours worked instead of their normal salary for a completed work week. A prorated salary is based on the employee's contracted amount of pay for the ful... More »

To negotiate a pay raise as an employee, you must first determine your worth based on your contribution to the company. To determine your value to the company, consider your job duties, level of responsibility and profes... More »

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According to the Washington Post, the average salary for a Blackwater employee in 2004 was $600 per day. In comparison, General Petraeus made $493 per day as the top U.S. military commander in Iraq. More »