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2020 has brought us massive wildfires, the coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest and murder hornets. And now, for the planet’s next act? A giant Saharan dust cloud nicknamed "Godzilla" is traversing the globe. This unusually large phenomenon threatens to envelop the sky around us with dust and other pa


Sub-Saharan Africa news is available on The Economist, International Finance Corporation and SciDev.net websites. The Economist and International Finance Corporation focus on stories with financial content, and SciDev.net provides news on a broad range of topics.


Trans-Saharan trade was the transit of goods between sub-Saharan Africa and the northern Arab and European worlds. Goods included precious metals, such as gold, as well as slaves. The trade route was in operation between the seventh and 14th centuries, expanding the more established trade route of t


Some of the best activity trackers for runners include the Apple Watch, Garmin Forerunner 920XT, Fitbit Surge and Basis Peak, according to Runnersworld.com. The Polar M400 and Microsoft Band are also highly-regarded activity trackers.


A fitness tracker is a device or application that counts steps and measures sleep. Some models also monitor other fitness metrics, including heart rate, temperature, body fat percentage, and blood oxygen level. These devices can be wearable technology or downloadable smart phone applications.


As of 2015, some of the best credit trackers include Identity Guard, Identity Force, Lifelock, Experian and TransUnion. These services help a client understand his credit history and its impact, track his credit score over time and improve his credit score, states The Simple Dollar.


SpaceWeather.com has satellite trackers for spy satellites, the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. US and Canadian residents can enter a zip or postal code to find out which satellites are in the area on specific dates, the time the satellite can be viewed and its direction.


A real-time stock tracker is a computer or mobile application that provides investors with market data and information about how their portfolios are doing at that exact moment, without any delays, according to Bankrate. The apps must be synced with the investor's portfolio to work properly. Dependi


Dust particles can consist of a variety of substances that includes outdoor pollens, mold spores, dirt and sand. Human skin, animal skin, hair and carpet fiber particles are common substances found in indoor dust. Dust can also travel into the earth's atmosphere from space.


Different types of marine trackers include cruise ship trackers, tall ships trackers, Great Lakes shipping trackers, oceanographic research vessel trackers and worldwide ship traffic trackers. The trackers provide location data for various types of sailing vessels that can be viewed online at SailWX