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2020 has brought us massive wildfires, the coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest and murder hornets. And now, for the planet’s next act? A giant Saharan dust cloud nicknamed "Godzilla" is traversing the globe. This unusually large phenomenon threatens to envelop the sky around us with dust and other pa


Sub-Saharan Africa news is available on The Economist, International Finance Corporation and SciDev.net websites. The Economist and International Finance Corporation focus on stories with financial content, and SciDev.net provides news on a broad range of topics.


Trans-Saharan trade was the transit of goods between sub-Saharan Africa and the northern Arab and European worlds. Goods included precious metals, such as gold, as well as slaves. The trade route was in operation between the seventh and 14th centuries, expanding the more established trade route of t


Dust particles can consist of a variety of substances that includes outdoor pollens, mold spores, dirt and sand. Human skin, animal skin, hair and carpet fiber particles are common substances found in indoor dust. Dust can also travel into the earth's atmosphere from space.


The Saharan dust plume can bring dry, dusty air to your area, irritating your allergy symptoms. Here's what you can do to stay safe. Ashley Hall is a writer and fact checker who has been published in multiple medical journals in the field of surgery. NASA Worldview A massive cloud of dust will slowl


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Established 11 years ago, Sheffield-based design studio dust has worked in a broad range of media, from embroidered book designs to installations, theatre set design and typography. Tellingly, the studio's three core members are old friends from university who met some 15 years ago, went their s


Dusty furniture is a constant source of frustration in the home, especially when the classic, time-consuming methods fail to get spaces truly clean. Skip the rags and polish, and try these three tips to make dusting faster, easier, and—dare we say it—more fun. By Caylin Harris Photo: fotosearch.com


The huge Saharan dust plume that swept across the Atlantic Ocean last month was captured in these satellite images, and the progress is remarkable. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why trust us? This latest June 2020 Saharan dust storm was so la


Dust from the Sahara can fertilize faraway lands and seas, but this supersize storm is a mixed blessing. Dust from the Sahara can fertilize faraway lands and seas, but this supersize storm is a mixed blessing. Each year, on average, a dizzying 182 million tons of dust departs from the western Sahara