Sahaja yoga is a religious movement that was founded by Nirmala Srivastava. This movement is based on a state of self-realization and mental silence. It focuses on meditation and self-actualization. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

To do yoga at home, follow a sequence of poses that opens by warming up your muscles and then focuses your practice and helps to regulate breathing. The sequence should become progressively more challenging, then wind do... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Regular yoga practice can induce weight loss just as lifting weights at the gym can help. An improved mindset may be one reason for weight loss from yoga. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Designed for wear during yoga or exercises involving stretching and bending, yoga pants are comfortable, versatile pants with elastic waistbands that are often worn outside of the gym. Partially to reflect the push for a... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

An Indian man named Vivekananda may be the earliest and most prominent pioneer to introduce Westerners to yoga, but his version of the practice is quite different from most modern yoga practices in the United States. Viv... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

The yoga pose of Downward-Facing Dog (also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana) is correctly performed by ensuring proper alignment, weight distribution, and hip and pelvic awareness as you move your body into an A shape. Arm ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Yoga competitions focus on the execution of challenging yoga poses that require superior strength and flexibility. These poses, known as yoga asana, see competitors demonstrating physical endurance in addition to yoga sk... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga