Homemade weed killers are safe for pets and made by using ingredients from the kitchen. Some ingredients include boiling water, vinegar, salt, sugar and cornmeal. Boiling water kills plants instantly by cooking it while ... More »

Roundup controls thistles but should not be used near water supplies. Natural weed killers such as Burnout can offer control for those that to not want to spray traditional herbicide. Crossbow is available at any large h... More »

Pour boiling water over the leaves and stems of the weeds, taking care not to wet any adjacent grass. A solution of one part salt, eight parts hot water and a squirt of dish soap is an effective weed spray. Cover nearby ... More »

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Weed killers that eliminate clover include mecoprop and dicamba, which are used in many weed-and-feed and weed control products. The choice of which weed killer to use depends on the scope of the weed problem. More »

Boiling water, vinegar, salt, sugar and corn meal are all products that can be used as pet-friendly weed killers. In addition, many garden centers offer organic and pet-friendly weed and grass killers that can be used in... More »

There is much debate as to whether Roundup is safe, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Pesticide is planning on conducting a review of its potential health risks in 2015. As with other herbicide... More »

Roundup 5005610 Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate Plus and Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer are two effective weed killers that receive high ratings on As of 2015, Roundup 5005610 is the best ... More »