Used camper awnings can be purchased from classified sites and junkyards. There are specific junkyards that solely sell parts of recreational vehicles. More »

RV Parts Country, American RV Company and Camping World all offer pricing information for the two major manufacturers of slideout awnings, Carefree of Colorado and Dometic. Carefree of Colorado also offers a product conf... More »

To install RV awning, measure where you want the awning to attach to the RV, set the awning railing in place, and secure it using screws. Unroll the awning, and place the upper awning arms in their positions. Use the ten... More »

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Purchase a VW camper van by scouring vehicle listing sites such as CarsforSale and says having an automotive budget ensure a focused search on affordable vehicles. Take the van for a test-driv... More »

Sell a Volkswagen Westfalia camper online by uploading pictures and a description to sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Some sites charge fees for selling items or placin... More »,, RV Trader, Camping World and are some places where people can sell pop-up campers. Some of these places are free to use, while others may require advertising fees or commissions. Sellers... More »

While it is not generally necessary to completely remove motorhome awnings before moving the vehicle, they should be put into the travel position. Failure to properly stow the awnings before driving the vehicle can resul... More »