As of June 2015, reviews of Rustoleum Restore are online at and Home The reviews have ratings based on a five-star scale. Both sites offer different types of products in the line. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Revitalize treated wood decks by pressure washing them, followed by sealing them with Thompson's Water Sealer or another wood deck treatment. Scrub synthetic decks clean with a bristle brush and mild detergent. The cost ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Olympic, Behr and Rustoleum are a few brands that offer deck paint for concrete. These products restore and renew the appearance of old wood and concrete surfaces. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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As of June 2015, user reviews for Broil King Signet gas grills are available online at and also features a review for the Broil King Imperial gas grill. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Home and publish user-generated Champion generator reviews, as of 2015. Both sites offer reviews of several generators, including gasoline-powered, electric and dual-fuel models. At both sites, the C... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

As of June 2015, sells retractable garage door screens from Lifestyle and Genius. Stoett, a manufacturer of these doors, sells through smaller retailers; Stoett's website provides a dealer locator function. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

As of December 2015, Rust-Oleum epoxy blacktop coating and Henry Company E-Z Stir driveway asphalt filler and sealer receive positive reviews from customer reviewers. Home Depot customer reviewers also rate La... More » Home & Garden Outdoor