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You can remove rust from cast iron skillets using the end of a potato and coarse salt. This combination removes rust easily, according to Apartment Therapy.


Clean rust from cast iron by washing it with soap and water, heating the metal, adding vegetable oil and salt, and rubbing with a paper towel or newspaper. Replace the salt and oil as necessary, and wipe the pan clean. Prevent rust from forming again by seasoning cast iron.


Remove rust from cast iron pans by scrubbing with a nylon scrubber, washing in hot, soapy water, rinsing and reseasoning the pan. Store the pans with inexpensive paper plates stacked between them to absorb moisture and prevent rust in the future.


Rust is caused when iron comes into direct contact with water and oxygen. Technically, rust comes from a chemical reaction between carbon dioxide from the air, water and the iron. Rusting is an oxidation reaction.


Iron can be prevented from rusting by covering the surface with paint, oil or grease or by using a process called electroplating to apply a thin layer of non-reactive metal, such as copper, nickel or chromium. This is known as barrier protection and helps to prevent rusting by stopping oxygen and mo


No, the rusting of iron is a chemical change because it is two substances reacting together to make a new substance. When iron rusts, iron molecules react with oxygen molecules to make a compound called iron oxide. Rusting would only be a physical change if iron molecules remained pure iron througho


Rusting is the process in which iron turns into iron oxide. It happens when iron comes into contact with water and oxygen. The process is a type of corrosion that occurs easily under natural conditions.


Cast iron is brittle, hard and more fusible than steel. It is also nonmalleable, which means that it cannot be stretched, hammered or bent into shape. Its has a crystalline structure, and it is weak in tension.


Both cast iron and steel are alloys of iron that include carbon; however, steel contains less carbon. According to Tata Steel Europe, steel is defined as an iron alloy that has a carbon content of less than 1%. Modern cast iron has a carbon content of between 2.4% and 4%, but historically that has v


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