Silver can rust or tarnish over time because of exposure to moisture or sulfur in the air. Tarnish and rust can cause silver to darken and look like it is black. More »

To remove rust, apply a rust-removal solution to the affected area, and scrape the rust off with a putty knife. Rust removers are very acidic and give off harsh fumes, so be sure to use gloves, goggles and a mask. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Rust is not toxic in small doses, but can be toxic if a large quantity is ingested or if it enters the body intravenously. Any doses greater than 100 to 200 milligrams per kilogram could be considered lethal. More » Health Pain & Symptoms
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Silver tarnishes due to a reaction with sulfur in the air. Moisture and sunlight can also cause tarnish. More »

Sterling silver turns black or tarnishes due to a chemical reaction caused by contact with sulfur or hydrogen. Some foods or everyday items containing sulfur can cause tarnishing, but even polluted air can turn sterling ... More »

Hydrogen sulfide gas in the air causes silver jewelry to tarnish. This process happens quickly when silver jewelry is left out in the open, unprotected by a jewelry box. Tarnished silver jewelry turns a person's skin bla... More »

All silver, plate, fill, sterling and fine tarnishes when its alloy metal, copper, is exposed to chlorides and sulfurs in the air. Argentium sterling silver is the most tarnish resistant because it contains more pure sil... More »