A student council is a structured organization for students where they form leadership skills, become involved in the affairs of their school and sponsor events on their campuses. Student council organizations may also p... More » Education K-12

Running a successful student council campaign involves understanding the voters and their needs, having a strong support group, and using social media. Having appealing posters and an unforgettable slogan also help to ma... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Some tips for writing a Student Council speech are to remember that it is a persuasive speech in which the speaker needs to sell himself to his peers so that they vote for him. The candidate should include an attention g... More » Education Public Speaking
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The duties of an elementary school student council include organizing events, programs and projects, encouraging democratic participation and striving to promote good citizenship by example. While student councils are ge... More » Education K-12

Good debate topics include student dress codes, literature topics, social media concerns, government and politics and anything else that encourages critical thinking, teaches persuasion skills and engages students in the... More » Education K-12

Requirements to skip grade levels in school differ from state to state, but they often include IQ testing and an evaluation of the student's maturity level compared with older students. Independent educational programs, ... More » Education K-12

Procedures vary, but many school registration forms require students and parents to complete student personal information and, in cases of some elementary schools, household information. Procedures may vary between new s... More » Education K-12