For taxpayers to claim exemptions for dependents on taxes, the dependents must be qualifying children or qualifying relatives of the taxpayers, reports the Internal Revenue Service. Dependents must also be U.S. citizens,... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Taxpayers who use printable IRS 1040EZ forms are those who have an income of less than $100,000, don’t claim any dependents, and file as single taxpayers or as married filing jointly, as of tax year 2014, explains TurboT... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Taxpayers may list qualifying children or relatives as dependents, but aren't permitted to claim themselves as dependents, according to the Internal Revenue Service. However, many taxpayers qualify to claim one personal ... More »

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There are several online services that allow taxpayers to file their federal income taxes for free; the Internal Revenue Service offers a tax preparation service that is free for almost everyone. This service is called F... More » Business & Finance Taxes

The federal tax booklet, otherwise known as "Publication 17" of the Internal Revenue Service, guides taxpayers when they are filing their federal taxes, as detailed by the IRS. "Publication 17" performs this type of guid... More » Business & Finance Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service is the federal agency that regulates taxes, so in order to determine if taxes have increased, taxpayers must check the annual IRS report. This report publishes annual tax rate increases for i... More » Business & Finance Taxes