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Deal cards to all of the players, who then take turns asking for specific cards. If the other player has the card in question, he must give it to the asking player. If he does not, he can tell the asking player to "Go fish."


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Go Fish is a card game played with a standard 52-card deck, in which the goal is to collect the most sets of four cards. Three to six players can play the game.


Fun fishing games that people can play online include "Hooked Monster Fishing," "Bass Fishing Challenge" and "Morning Catch." The games are available for no charge at FishingGames.us. More fishing games are available at Fishing-Games.info.


Some free online fishing games are Hooked Monster Fishing, Bass Fishing Challenge, Tom Fishing Day and Fishing Trip Online. These games are available at Fishinggames.us.


To play Go Fish, you need a 52-card deck with no jokers. Each player requests cards of a certain rank from other players with the intent to make "books" consisting of four cards of the same rank. Play ends when a player has no more cards or the stock runs out.


The basic rules of the dice game "Left Center Right" require players to take turns rolling dice to determine how many chips they lose to other players or to the pot. The games needs three to 12 players, three special, non-standard six-sided dice and a set of colored chips.


To play eight-ball, players rack a triangle of 15 balls. One player makes a break shot from behind the head string but does not call the shot. On the subsequent shots, players must call the ball before making contact with the cue ball. If a player calls "safety" before a shot, the other player takes


The object of marbles is to have the most marbles at the end of the game by knocking marbles out of a ring using a tolley. A tolley is a marble that cannot exceed three quarters of an inch in size.


In the game of cricket, two teams composed of 11 players each try to score runs when at bat or to dismiss the other players when out in the field. A typical game is composed of two innings, and can span anywhere from an afternoon to a several days.