Rules and regulations can help keep workers safe and prevent harm for business and industrial practices. They can also ensure that companies compete in a fair manner. Regulations can help ensure that businesses do not co... More » World View Philosophy Ethics

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA, rules and regulations mandate that employers with group health plans must continue to provide the option of health coverage to employees, former employees, their ... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations rules and regulations are the basis of an objective evaluation process that can help health care organizations measure, assess and improve performance. Health... More » Business & Finance Business Resources
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According to a, the top ethical issues facing the general business community today include: pay equality, deceptive accounting practices, conflicts of interest and sexual harassment, among others. Pay equal... More » World View Philosophy Ethics

When counting employees, businesses with at least 50 full-time workers are applicable large employers, and are subject to the ALE rules and regulations, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Employers must also coun... More »

Unethical business practices actively or passively cause harm to people, animals or the environment. These may include child labor, forced labor, unfair wages, animal testing and dumping toxic waste into the environment.... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Examples of moral issues include ideas regarding sexual preferences and practices and religious practices. Morality relates to personal and societal norms related to right and wrong. More » World View Philosophy Ethics