A rule nisi in a civil case is a form of contempt of court in which a party is required to show cause as to why he does not have to comply with past rulings ordered by a judge, states Riley Law Firm. Rule nisi is often u... More »

Some behaviors that may result in a person being held in contempt of court include openly being uncivil to a judge and refusing to pay a court-ordered fine, as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice. When in contempt ... More »

An injunction hearing is held in court before a judge to determine if a plaintiff should be awarded an interim or permanent injunction against the defendant's activities, as stated by The Myler Law Firm. Injunctions may ... More »

A civil lawsuit is any court case that is not a criminal case, according to MassLegalHelp.org, and the most common forms of civil suits include libel, slander, personal injury and breach of contract. It is possible to re... More »

In legal terms, the phrase "bound over for trial" indicates that a judge believes that there is probable cause for a case to proceed to trial, according to the American Bar Association. Probable cause means that there is... More »

Filing a civil lawsuit in Maryland begins with filling a complaint form with the court, followed by paying the filing fee,according to Maryland Courts. The court then issues a writ of summons to inform the defendant of t... More »

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Under New Mexico state law, an individual must submit an application and acceptance form to the court along with an original death certificate and letters of administration to open a probate case, according to the Bernal... More »

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