DESCRIPTION Ruffed Grouse are one of 10 species of grouse native to North America and are one of the smaller birds in the group, ranging from 17 to 25 oz.


May 2, 2006 ... The male ruffed grouse is known for its spring mating ritual, known as “drumming. ” It stands on a platform, such as a rock, log or stump, and ...


The most notable characteristic of the Ruffed Grouse isn't how they looks -- it's how they sound. In the spring and a little in the fall, the male ruffed grouse beats the ...


Nesting Facts. Clutch Size: 9-14 eggs. Egg Length: 1.5-1.6 in (3.78-4.14 cm).


Grévol Engolado (Spanish); Gélinotte huppée (French). Cool Facts. The early conservationist Aldo Leopold wrote of the Ruffed Grouse, “The autumn landscape ...


INTERESTING FACTS. Male Ruffed Grouse cup their wings and rapidly beat them against the air. Native people called it the “carpenter bird” because they ...


Ruffed grouse are widespread medium-sized birds of North America. They have two distinct morphs: grey and brown. In the grey morph, the head, neck, and ...


The Ruffed Grouse is approximately 18 inches in length. ... The Ruffed Grouse prefers forested areas in rough, cold lands. ... "Ruffed grouse facts" (On-line).


The ruffed grouse is a chicken-sized bird about 16-19 inches in length. ... In fact, the ruffed grouse is sometimes called the drummer. The male will puffs out his ...


16-19" (41-48 cm). A brown or gray-brown, chicken-like bird with slight crest, fan- shaped, black-banded tail, barred flanks, and black "ruffs" on sides of neck.