A rubber spatula is a tool that is commonly used in cooking. It is has a broad, flat and usually flexible rubber blade that is used for blending food or removing it from cooking vessels such as pans, bowls, or cans. Rubb... More »

A laboratory spatula is used for mixing, spreading and holding chemicals in a laboratory. In most cases, spatulas are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and provide clean mixing. However, certain spatula implem... More »

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Clean your oven with baking soda, white vinegar and a spray bottle. You also use water, rubber gloves, a small bowl, a spatula and a kitchen towel. More »

A baster is a large tube made of metal, plastic or glass, with a small opening on one end and a rubber bulb at the other end. The baster can be filled with drippings, broth, butter and other sauces for basting purposes w... More »

When using an electric rice cooker, wash the rice in a separate bowl and add it to the inner bowl before cooking. Add water based on the type of rice and the cooker's indicator marks. Place the lid on the cooker and plug... More »

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The GreenPan aids with healthful cooking by reducing or eliminating the need for oil or butter in the pan when cooking foods prone to sticking, such as eggs. The GreenPan also is free of PTFE and PFOA chemicals used in t... More »

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To make a good Sicilian ricotta cheesecake, use a rubber spatula to stir 2 pounds of ricotta cheese in a large mixing bowl until it is smooth. Add 2/3 cup of white sugar, 1/3 cup of all-purpose flower and 6 eggs, blendin... More »

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