A common use for rubber stoppers is as a seal for test tubes in chemistry work. Rubber stoppers come in a variety of sizes and dimensions so they securely and correctly fit test tubes, flasks and other chemistry equipmen... More »

Some unique door stoppers are those shaped like spilled ice cream cones, fall leaves and bars of gold. Other unique door stoppers include those shaped like paper airplanes and the word "STOP." More »

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Refrigerator door stoppers can be purchased online from multiple hardware and appliance stores such as Appliance Zone, Oliver’s Outlet and CentralApplianceParts.com. It is also sometimes possible to order a doorstop kit ... More »

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In chemistry, beakers, burettes, flasks, slides, funnels, test tubes, droppers, graduated cylinders and watch glasses are all made out of glass. They are usually made of glass that is able to withstand high temperatures ... More »

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The Jefferson Lab indicates that rubidium is used for removing gases in vacuum tubes, making photocells, and making certain glasses. It may also find use in propelling spacecraft engines. The element is likely be used mo... More »

Commonly used laboratory equipment includes test tubes and test tube holders, beakers, Bunsen burners, tongs and flasks for measuring, storing and combining liquids and chemicals. Many labs also use microscopes, meters, ... More »

According to Duke University, nuclear chemistry is at play in a variety of aspects of daily life, including the warmth and light of the sun. The sun itself would not exist without nuclear chemistry. More »