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According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, there is a variety of natural methods to remove odors including baking soda, citrus fruit peels and vinegar. Open boxes of baking soda placed in the refrigerator help to absorb food odors. Citrus rinds placed in a running garbage disposal help to neutralize ran


Sinus infections, or sinusitis, sometimes cause an unpleasant odor in the nose or a bad-smelling discharge, says WebMD. Sinusitis results from infection, either viral, bacterial or fungal, reports Mayo Clinic.


Burps that smell like rotten eggs are often caused by the body releasing a hydrogen sulfide gas created from broken down proteins in the digestive system. Also known as sulfur burps or egg burps, these smelly burps can be caused by a variety of reasons, according to the New Health Guide.


People develop foot odor when their feet sweat and bacteria interact with the sweat, according to WebMD. The medical term for this condition is bromodosis, but keeping quality hygiene practices cures the problem quickly.


An avocado is rotten if it's black on the outside and, when pressed with a finger, leaves an indentation mark. However, when an avocado is cut and the insides are either brown or black, this is another telltale sign that an avocado is not good to eat. When buying an avocado, it should be slightly fi


To replace rotten window trim, remove the trim and its securing nails from the window, cut a new trim to four pieces according to the dimensions of the window, nail them in place of the old ones, and caulk the new trim. Paint the trim to create color uniformity.


Gold is odorless. This is one of the key ways to tell the difference between real gold and fool's gold as the latter has a slight smell to it.


Urine odor is related to the level of concentration of waste products contained in the urine. Highly concentrated urine may have strong odors, especially of ammonia, according to Mayo Clinic.


Egg burps are often called sulfur burps and are caused by the body expelling hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide gas can by caused by certain proteins breaking down in the digestive system.


Researchers have identified an odor associated with skin cancer, according to MIT Technology Review. In addition, scientists are developing a breath-analysis machine to detect colon, prostate, breast and lung cancers, states WebMD.