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All About Roses is a website dedicated to roses, billed as the site with "everything you need to know about roses." It hosts blog posts that are updated periodically. The website is located at AllAboutRoses.com.


The four major types of roses are the bush, climbing, shrub and groundcover rose. There are many subcategories within each rose type, but each rose is organized by its growing characteristics.


Botanists disagree on the exact number of species in the Rosa family of rose species, but most agree there are at least 100. In addition, there are thousands of cultivars (a group or subspecies) of roses bred for very specific colors, shapes, scents and other characteristics.


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To care for roses, provide plenty of sunlight and fertile soil, water the plant an inch every week, provide fertilizer and mulch, and prune the plant when necessary. Growing roses is not difficult, but they require regular care.


Over 100 species of roses exist in the world. Furthermore, there are thousands of varieties, or cultivars, created by crossing species of roses. For example, hybrid tea roses, which are quite popular and widely grown, are the result of crossing tea roses and hybrid perpetual roses.


There are many thousands of different types of roses. Though there is a vast number of different types, all roses can be divided into three main groups: species roses, old garden roses and modern garden roses.


The rose is believed to be approximately 35 million years old and is believed to have originated in China. The first documented garden cultivation of roses is attributed to China and is estimated to have occurred 5,000 years ago.


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