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Crunchy shredded phyllo dough is layered with a creamy sweet cheese filling and soaked with rose water syrup for this Middle Eastern treat. Layali Libnan (Lebanese Nights) "This is a cold semolina pudding with caramel syrup sauce and pistachio topping. If you do not use rose water, you can substitute with 2 teaspoons of vanilla." – Laila Baker


When a recipe called for it, I skipped that step. But after attending a lecture on the history of rose water a few months ago, I'm a changed lady. Because rose water is some seriously interesting ...


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Adding rose water to recipes only requires a teaspoon or two. Rose water acts similar to extracts. In this case the rose water adds a hint of floral flavor. To make rose water you need just two cups of distilled water, and clean rose petals from about two roses. I added a teaspoon of vodka, which will act as a preservative.


From ice cream and Turkish delights to floral flavored cakes and puddings, find dozens of recipes made with rose water. ... Mamool or Ma'amoul, Pomegranate Dessert, Persian Halva, Rose Ice Cream, Harisseh (Middle Eastern Sweets)


Outside of the kitchen, rose water is prized for its cosmetic uses and therapeutic benefits. With a rich history rooted in Middle Eastern cooking, rose water is created by steeping rose petals in water and adds a delicate floral aroma to any recipe. Rose water’s skin-soothing properties also make it a useful ingredient in facial toners and ...


There are two relatively easy ways to make rosewater at home. The easiest and quickest way is by simmering rose petals (dried or fresh) in water. The result is a fragrant, rose-colored water. This method is suited best for recipes and uses that will not sit around very long as it has a limited shelf life.


I found a recipe on youtube for a DIY glowing serum. I use a popular glowing serum and found out it contained really bad ingredients so I wanted to try to make my own. The recipe called for rose water and your vid came up and I was able to make what I needed for the recipe. I had enough left over that I also made a tonic. Thank you for your fun ...


Rosewater is a byproduct of making rose perfume, an ancient process that originated in Persia (present day Iran) centuries ago by steam-distilling crushed rose petals to obtain their essential oils (rosewater is the liquid that remains; it can also be made by steeping rose petals in hot water). Just try to resist dabbing a little on your wrists or behind the ears while cooking.


A flavoured water made by steeping rose petals in water, rosewater has been used as a flavouring for centuries in Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese cuisines. It can be added to jellies and syrups ...