Rose bush leaves can turn yellow due to lack of water, spider mites or fungal diseases, such as blackspot and rust. Other symptoms are necessary to identify the exact cause of the yellowing. More »

Downy mildew, uncontrolled leaf spot, or the presence of nematodes on the plant all cause yellowing of impatiens leaves. The specific problem can be pinpointed by observation of other common symptoms that occur in conjun... More »

The leaves on a gardenia turn yellow when the air temperature is too cold or when the soil does not drain adequately. Yellow leaves also occur when the pH level of the soil is not between 5.0 and 6.5. More »

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Rose bush leaves turn yellow for several reasons; mainly those to do with too much heat. Too much shade or excessive fertilizing are other reasons rose bush leaves turn yellow. More »

Rose bush leaves can turn yellow when there is an issue with light, water, pests, disease, fertilizer or heat stress, according to Gardening Know How. After yellowing, the bush may lose the leaves entirely. More »

Plant leaves may turn yellow for a number of reasons, such as nutrient deficiencies, pests, insufficient water or a lack of sunlight. A plant's leaves may also turn yellow as part of the normal growth process. More »

Rose rocks can be found for sale in areas like Noble, Okla. This unique formation of barite that resembles a rose in full bloom is more abundant in Oklahoma than anywhere else in the world. The rocks can be purchased in ... More »