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To find a good roofing contractor, look for three reputable companies in the area that have licenses and insurance. Then, ask each contractor to look at your house and submit a written bid. Also ask for their license number and proof of their liability and worker’s compensation insurance, and contac


Homeowners should look for a roofing contractor who has credentials, character and certification. It is advisable for them to look for a local roofing contractor who has a license to work in their state and has several years of experience. The contractor should have workers' compensation insurance a


Some questions to ask a roofing contractor include how long the repairs will take, whether it is safe to be in the residence during repairs and what costs are associated with the repairs. It is good to ask a variety of questions when interviewing different roofing contractors.


To compare roofing contractors, find several candidates, and interview them. Get an estimated price for the job and ask how long the contractor has been in business and what kind of warranty he provides. Ask what kind of underlayment material the contractor uses, how he plans to ventilate the roof a


General contractors make approximately $28.55 per hour or an annual salary that ranges between $27,000 and $119,000 including bonuses, according to PayScale, as of 2015. Salary varies according to location and length of time in the position.


Gable, gambrel and winged gable are types of roofs. Roof types and styles are different from place to place because they are designed to shelter the structure they're covering.


A local roofing contractor that specializes in specific soffit repairs can be found online from websites like homeadvisor.com. The soffit of a roof is especially susceptible to damage caused by water and is an easy job to repair, according to ThisOldHouse.com.


There are a variety of websites that can be searched to find contractors who repair residential roof trusses, including yellowpages.com. Type "Roof repair" or "roofing contractors" into the search box, choose a geographic location in which to search for results, and press Search. A listing of compan


A contractor's all risk insurance is a type of coverage that protects construction projects, such as roads, hospitals, schools, railways, airports, residential buildings, commercial buildings, weirs and theaters. Other works at the construction site are also included in the policy. All materials and


To obtain a contractor's license, determine what license applies to the job that you want to do, then sign up for and pass the state exam. You can then apply for a contractor’s license.