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A roof overhang is called an eave. An eave is the edge of a roof that projects beyond the face of a wall, providing protection from the elements.


The benefits of a front door overhang are protecting doors and windows, protecting building foundation, providing shade and keeping rain away from siding. A porch overhang keeps door knobs from freezing in the winter, and an all-around overhang protects an entire building structure.


Some tips for flat roof construction include calculating the joists' maximum span, ensuring that the joists do not twist and finishing the roof using rubber sheets, tar, gravel or rolled asphalt. Apply the finishing material in such a manner that the roof is made waterproof.


Pitched roof construction consists of five main steps: laying out the pattern rafter; tracing out and cutting the remaining rafters; installing and laying out the ridge; installing roof rafters; and adding bracing, roofing and trim. The required tools and materials include a framing hammer, a framin


Gable, gambrel and winged gable are types of roofs. Roof types and styles are different from place to place because they are designed to shelter the structure they're covering.


Some tips for porch roof design and construction include considering multiple styles to find the right fit for a specific home, determining if a new construction or a tie-in works best for a specific porch setup, and paying close attention to the materials desired for the construction. Using these t


Some good examples of roof construction diagrams include Hip, Mansard, Gambrel, Skillion, Butterfly, Gable and Dutch Gable diagrams, which feature on Roofcalc.net, Extremehowto.com and Thesimple.xyz. These sites deal with various carpentry and construction projects for both residential and commercia


For the construction of the roof itself, roofing rolls made of metal or asphalt are commonly used, as are shingles made of shake wood, asphalt or rubber. Builders need additional wood and nails, including roofing nails, to construct the supports to build the shed roof.


Truss roof construction is a type of roof framing technique that uses a truss to support the roof of a house or building. A roof truss is structural framework of wood or metal bars specifically designed to support structures, such as a roof or bridge.


Adding a skylight or trellis is one creative idea for porch roofs, while topping the structure with a deck is another idea. Gables, metal shed roofs and dormer windows are other roof design ideas.