Remove moss from the roof with a long-handled scrub brush, a mixture of bleach and water, or a commercial roof cleaner. Another common method is to use a power washer, but this is not recommended, as it can damage the sh... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Moss growing on an asphalt roofing shingle is cause for concern because it can cause shingle wear and premature roof deterioration. A moss covering traps moisture, which causes increased frost damage, cracking and wear. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To remove moss from the roof, scrub the affected area with a utility brush, then wash the roof with a solution of oxygen bleach, dish detergent and water. The process of cleaning the roof can typically be completed in a ... More »

To clean moss stains from an asphalt shingle roof, use a brush to scrape the moss off of the shingles, and then spray the roof with a mixture of half water and half bleach. Avoid using a pressure washer to apply the mixt... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal

Remove moss from a roof using a brush to scrub it away. Then, follow with a bleach and water spray treatment on the roof to kill any remaining moss or algae, and add a 6-inch copper strip under the top row of shingles, t... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To remove small amounts of moss from a roof, use a brush or broom to gently scrub the moss off the shingles. Cut branches that reach over the roof to help prevent the moss from reappearing. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To remove moss from concrete, saturate the moss-covered areas with undiluted vinegar, scrub with a hard-bristle brush and rinse with cold water; then sprinkle the concrete with a thin layer of baking soda. Allow the soda... More »