Two of the most timeless love poems, titled "I Love Thee" and "Wild Nights," were written by Eliza Acton and Emily Dickinson. Dating back to the 1800s, "I Love Thee" by Eliza Acton is a love poem that uses a rhyming patt... More »

Writing a romantic poem requires the organization of several elements, some of which include emotions, comparisons, beginnings, tones and patterns. All poetic elements should be contemplated thoroughly before the poem is... More »

Two short romantic love poems include "Sonnet 130" by William Shakespeare and "My Love is like a Red Red Rose" by Robert Burns. Both poems are considered classics of the genre. More »

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Some love poems for a male recipient include William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 116,” Kahlil Gibran’s “Love One Another,” Robert Browning’s “Meeting at Night” and Emily Dickinson’s “My River Runs to Thee.” These famous poems ... More »

Good resources for free love poems include websites such as, and The Poetry Foundation also lets users read love poems for free online. More »

Examples of short love poems include "Idle Dreams," by Joanna Fuchs and "Without Warning," by Sappho. Another example is "Everytime I Kiss You," by Nizar Qabbani. More »

Examples of classic love poems include "Sonnet 18" by William Shakespeare, "A Poet to His Beloved" by William Butler Yeats and "Sonnet 44" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Another example is "Love's Philosophy" by Percy By... More »