Roman soldiers were unable to marry, lived under strict conditions and trained hard for battle. Many also carried out other duties, and faced the threat of severe punishment when they did something wrong. More »

According to adherents of the Catholic faith, the Catholic church began with Jesus, who lived in the first century and spent his adult life preaching in the Roman Empire. After his death, his disciples continued preachin... More » World View Religion Christianity

The scholarly consensus is that the apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans, the sixth book of the New Testament in the Christian Bible. The book was written as a letter to the Roman church while Paul was in Corinth around... More » World View Religion The Bible

Due to the vast expansion and mobile tendencies of the Roman empire, soldiers were housed in leather tents, often occupied by up to eight men. These structures were broken down and moved as needed along the journey. Each... More »

The name of Ancient Roman currency depended on the coin's metal, collectively called aes; a bronze coin was an as, a silver coin was a denarius and a gold coin was an aureus. Ancient Romans also used copper alloy coins c... More »

The Western Roman Empire was conquered in 476, when Germanic tribes led by Odoacer sacked Rome and deposed the Emperor, Romulus Augustulus. The Eastern Roman Empire fell in 1453, when the Turks led by Sultan Mehmed II in... More »

Diocletian was able to bring Rome together to find peace and financial success, but he ended up destroying the unity of Rome by dividing power into what was known as the tetrarchy. Diocletian and Maximian shared the titl... More »