You can locate area Roman Catholic Churches either by going to or by searching your diocesan website for a parish directory. provides mass time listings across the United States, and many dioc... More » World View Religion Christianity

Baptist churches baptize people who were previously baptized as children, while Catholic churches only baptize people once. As Baptist churches are Protestant, their followers believe that people can stand before God wit... More » World View Religion

Live streaming of Roman Catholic masses can be viewed online at sites such as The CatholicTV Network and The Sunday Mass. CatholicTV provides a schedule of daily masses broadcast from churches throughout the world. The S... More » World View Religion Christianity
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To find the Catholic parish nearest to your location in the United States, use the "Parish Locator" map program run by Catholic Online, a website officially sanctioned by the Vatican. More » World View Religion Christianity

The Roman Catholic Church refers to their rituals and ceremonies as rites, including baptism and first communion. There are various rites that take place during specific times of the day, week and year, as well as rites ... More » World View Religion Christianity

According to adherents of the Catholic faith, the Catholic church began with Jesus, who lived in the first century and spent his adult life preaching in the Roman Empire. After his death, his disciples continued preachin... More » World View Religion Christianity

Find a Catholic priest by consulting either or the current edition of "The Official Catholic Directory." enables website visitors to search a specified area for parishes. Entries provide paris... More » World View Religion Christianity