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Some examples of responsibility include getting to work on time, taking care of children properly, paying rent or mortgage and paying taxes. A responsibility is an agreed-upon task or commitment between people, businesses or organizations that must be adhered to and completed in order to satisfy the


Responsibility is important in teaching accountability and ownership for mistakes as well as achievements. Responsibility at the personal and business level is a large factor is a measure of one's maturity.


Some of the roles of a manager include staffing, planning, controlling, leadership and organizing. These roles help an organization in faster realization of set goals or objectives. The manager is the chief leader of the organization and thus bares responsibility for the performance of the instituti


Chaplains offer guidance, assist in emergency situations and attend or preside over religious meetings. They work in the pastoral care department of corporate and religious organizations.


A deacon is an ordained minister of the Catholic church, and his role is to proclaim the Gospel, teach in the name of the church and preach. Some of his responsibilities include baptizing, leading prayer, witnessing marriages and conducting services at funerals or wakes.


Responsive design is a practice of creating web sites that automatically detect and optimize themselves to the user's device. The need for it has grown as mobile devices capable of accessing the Web have become more common.


A responsive website is a site that has an easily navigable design. A website with responsive web design, also known as RWD, appears the same on any device. Accordingly, a user has the same viewing experience on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


A mother's central responsibility is to protect and nurture her children and help them to grow up to become productive human beings. The responsibilities that a mother has often depends on the state of her household and whether or not she has a partner to aid her.


Here is a look at the key job responsibilities, marketing services, and essential skills you need to become a good marketing consultant. When a company needs to outsource marketing efforts, it is often time to seek out marketing consultants. A marketing consultant is an outside advisor who works wit


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