It is unlikely that any digital adapter other than the officially supported Cisco DTA50 adapter is compatible with Rogers Cable as of 2015. In addition to potential technical compatibility issues, any adapter used with R... More » Technology Television & Video

Rogers Digital Lite TV is an affordable television package offered exclusively via telephone by Rogers, a communications and media company servicing Canada. The Digital Lite Package is a basic TV package with most major ... More » Art & Literature

A digital adapter is a converter that allows viewing of digital television services through devices that normally would not allow digital signals. Time Warner Cable requires a digital adapter in some areas for customers ... More » Technology Television & Video
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To contact Rogers Cable in Canada, go to, click the Support link at the top menu of the home page, scroll to the bottom of the new page, and click Contact Us. Select a product or service, select a subtopic, an... More » Technology Television & Video

To contact Rogers Cable, call the number listed in the Contact Us section on, or send mail to the address listed in the same section. Select the appropriate category related to your query to access the relevan... More » Technology Television & Video

Rogers Cable offers dozens of cable packages designed to fit all budgets and television preferences. As of February 2015, Rogers' basic Digital TV cable package cost $40.48 per month and featured 160 channels, including ... More » Technology Television & Video

TNT is not available on Rogers Cable as of September 2014. It is not available on any other Canadian cable or satellite provider, as the channel cannot be accessed in Canada at all. More » Technology Television & Video