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Brinell Hardness, Rockwell Hardness, Tensile Strength (Approx.) Tungsten Carbide Ball 3000 KG, A Scale 60KG, B Scale 100KG, C Scale 150KG ...


For Rockwell B scale, what is the approximate range of Hardness of Aluminum 2024 ... 1)The Rockwell C hardness number for mild steel it is around 10 HRC.


Brinell Hardness HB conversion Chart (N/mm2, Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell C). Below is the Brinell scale it shows the indentation hardness of materials ...


BHN, HV, HRB and HRC Hardness Conversion Chart, Tensile Strength Brinell Hardness Vickers Hardness(HV) RockwellHardness(HRB) Rockwell Hardness (HRC)


Brinell Hardness, Vickers Hardness, Rockwell Hardness, Tensile Strength. 100 HB, 105 HV, - HRC, 335 N/mm2. 101 HB, 106 HV, - HRC, 338 N/mm2.


Brinell Hardness, Rockwell B-HRB, Brinell Hardness, Rockwell B-HRB. 256, 100, 150, 79. 248, 99, 147, 78. 240, 98, 144, 77. 233, 97, 142, 79.


In the Rockwell Hardness Test (whose values are referred to with the abbreviation “HR”), a diamond cone or steel ball indenter is used.


Rockwell hardness testing of plastics is described, and conversion charts ... of at least 1/4 inches (6.4 mm) thickness is indented by a steel ball.


Brinell 3000kg Load 10mm Ball, Rockwell, Approximate Tensile Strength (PSI). Diameter, mm, Hardness Number, B Scale, C Scale. 2.85, 461, –, 48.5, 242,000.


A common early example of a hardness (scratch) test is the Mohs scale (1820) ... steel ball indenter along with a 100 kg weight, and the Rockwell Hardness C ...


Approximate Relation of Brinell And Rockwell Hardness To Tensile Strength For Carbon Steel ... Load Brale Penetrator, Hardness Number, B-Scale 100-kg.