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Reference Table: Steel hardness conversion chart - all values approximate. Brinell Hardness HB, Rockwell HRC, Rockwell HRB, Vickers


HARDNESS CONVERSION TABLE. PRIMERJALNA TABELA TRDOT. Date/datum: 08.2015. Vickers. (HV). Rockwell. (HRc). Scleroscope. Hardnes No. (Shore HSc, HSd).


Approximate Hardness Equivalents Covering Range of Rockwell C and Rockwell B Scales. BRINELL. ROCKWELL SCALES. VPN. BHN 500kg. BHN 3000kg.


ROCKWELL HARDNESS. 3000 kg. HARDNESS. TENSILE STRENGTH. (Ball 10 mm). Diamond. Ball 1/18e ball ball. Indentation. W. carb.


BHN, HV, HRB and HRC Hardness Conversion Chart, Tensile Strength Brinell Hardness Vickers Hardness(HV) RockwellHardness(HRB) Rockwell Hardness (HRC)


80. 92.0. 86.5. 96.5. 92.0 87.0. 1865. •. NA. NA. NA. 79. 91.5. 85.5. 96.3. 91.4. 86.5. 1787. •. NA. NA. NA. 78. 91.0. 84.5. 96.0. 91.0. 85.5. 1710.


Jan 1, 2007 ... 1.5 Conversion Table 5 presents data on the relationship between Brinell hardness and Rockwell B hardness of austen- itic stainless steel plate ...


Hardness conversion calculator ... The aim of my project is to find the formula that links vickers and rockwell (example: ...


HRC, HB, HV, HRA, Rm (Tensile Strength). Diamond penetrator, Brinell 3000 Kgf, Vickers 30, Diamond penetrator, N/mm MPa ...


Vickers. Brinell. Brinell. Rockwell. Rockwell. Rockwell. Shore. Tensile. Strength 1,000 psi. 10 mm. Steel Ball. 10 mm. Carbide Ball.


Below you will find the hardness conversion for Rockwell C scale or high hardness range. Download the Rockwell C scale conversion chart here.