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A rock band is a group of musicians who play rock music together. Rock is an extremely diverse genre, encompassing a range of styles and sounds, but it is typically based around guitars, bass, drums and vocals.


Rock salt is made of a 1:1 ratio of sodium to chlorine. Rock salt's chemical formula is NaCl, which means that one molecule of rock salt is composed of one atom of sodium (Na) and one atom of chlorine (Cl).


Moon rocks, collected from the surface of the Earth's only natural satellite, are mainly composed of oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium and aluminum, in varying amounts. Other trace elements are also present depending on the region of the moon from which the sample was collected.


A rock slide occurs when rocks sit on a sloped plane, and added weight or water causes them to slide down. Heavy rains weigh on the rocks and dirt, and also make the underlying surface slick. Clay or dirt erosion under rocks adds to the potential for a rock slide.


There's no single hardest rock on Earth. The strongest types, on the other hand, include quartz in their makeup: quartzite, quartz sandstones, rhyolites and granites, according to the MadSci Network.


The rock cycle is the sequence of stages that a rock goes through from creation to the point at which it breaks down and is reformed. The geological processes of sedimentation, weathering, erosion, heat, pressure, cooling and melting all create distinct stages in the rock's life cycle.


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The rocks brought back to Earth from the moon fall into four categories: mare basalts, impact breccias, pristine highland rocks and regolith. Basalts are igneous rocks formed by cooled lava deposits. Breccias are formed of smaller pieces of other rocks that are fused together by meteorite impacts. P


Hard rock maple furniture can withstand 1,450 pounds of force on the Janka hardness scale. This means it takes this much force to embed half of a small steel ball into the wood.


The most valuable rocks are ores. These rocks contain minerals or metals that can be of great commercial value, such as gold, platinum, copper, iron, nickel or silver.