Robert Boyle is considered to be the "father of chemistry," and he is only known to have invented the famous air pump that he used to study air pressure. Boyle was also responsible for several achievements in physics and... More »

Robert Boyle (1627-1691) is known as “The Father of Chemistry” for his discovery that atoms must exist based on the relationship between pressure and volume of gas. His theorem called Boyle’s Law reasons that because a f... More »

Robert Hooke discovered the law of elasticity, which says that the stretching of a solid body, such as metal or wood, has a proportional relationship to the force that is used on the object. The law is known as Hooke's l... More »

Robert Boyle was born on Jan. 27, 1691 in County Waterford, Ireland, and there are no records indicating that Boyle had a middle name. He was a natural philosopher, chemist, inventor, theological writer and a preeminent ... More »

Robert Boyle was most notably famous for his work in chemistry concerning the elemental nature of matter, as well as the relationship between the absolute pressure and volume of gas, which became known as Boyle's Law. Ro... More »

Robert Boyle discovered and used "Boyle's Law" to explain that when a volume of gas is decreased, pressure increases in the same proportion. Using this observation, Boyle helped create the modern definition of an element... More »

Robert Hooke has a number of inventions and patents to his credit. One of his most notable and useful inventions is the balance spring, which is a timepiece component that allows watches to remain accurate and remains wi... More »