To use MapQuest's road mileage calculator, enter the starting location. Then, enter the destination and choose roads to avoid, if desired. More »

It is possible to calculate mileage between cities using a paper map, special websites or GPS systems. To calculate mileage using a paper map, locate the cities on the map, and then find the map's scale. Measure the dist... More » and offer quick mileage calculators for travel between cities. calculates the distance between two cities in straight line or air distance and in nau... More »

To use MapQuest route planner for a road trip, enter your starting point in the route planning box, and add the address of each place you plan to visit in the End box, clicking Add Another Stop after each entry. Choose w... More »

Types of services that MapQuest provide for trucks include geocoding, maps, traffic, search, data storage and directions. This service provides driving directions to a variety of countries, and drivers can check from the... More » Geography

Find the distance between two cities by entering the name and state of the first city in the search box on MapQuest's homepage. Click "Get Directions" to enter details of the second city and select the car icon above the... More »

Use the mapping tools on Google Maps or MapQuest to determine the most direct route to your destination by foot, road or public transport. Alternatively, offers a trip-planning tool to help you find the... More » Geography