RJ stands for Registered Jack, part of the Universal Service Ordering Code system developed by Bell Systems and adopted in part by the FCC. The Registered Jack wiring configurations allow communication between the consum... More » Business & Finance Careers

An RJ11 to RJ45 converter converts a telephone socket into a networking socket. An RJ11 is the socket used to plug in telephones, and an RJ45 socket and jack is for computer networking. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

The difference between an RJ11 and an RJ12 cable is based on the number of wires used within the cable and how the wires are arranged. RJ11 includes four wires, and two slots are not used. RJ12 uses wires in all six avai... More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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A logistics coordinator oversees the operations of a supply chain, or a part of a supply chain, for a company or organization. Duties typically include oversight of purchasing, inventory, warehousing and transportation a... More » Business & Finance Careers

Working as part of a food service crew typically entails being a team player, having good-to-excellent knowledge of different foods and beverages and having basic knowledge of how to prepare foods and food safety knowled... More » Business & Finance Careers

Homeopathic doctors may work in homeopathic hospitals or in regular allopathic hospitals as part of a patient's integrative care. For example, homeopathic doctors form part of the integrative oncology services team provi... More » Business & Finance Careers

Clinical laboratory technician training that is part of an associate degree program typically consists of basic sciences, such as biology and chemistry, along with specialized courses like medical terminology and hematol... More » Business & Finance Careers