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Jose and his siblings had to adopt their father's second family name 'Rizal' to disassociate themselves from the links between 'Mercado' and the Gomburza incident.


This page shows a picture of Jose Rizal with his family and below is Rizal's Family Tree and Ancestry.


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Welcome to the "Herrederos de Jose Rizal" Project! Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, did not leave any surviving direct descendants.It is a pity how the venerable surname, which was derived from the Spanish "ricial" (meaning "verdant"), is rarely (if at all) used today.


The Rizal family name was found in the USA in 1920. In 1920 there were 2 Rizal families living in Colorado. This was about 67% of all the recorded Rizal's in the USA.


Jose Rizal Family Tree. Rizal Family Tree. 87098.docx. Termo de Compromisso de Cessação para casos de cartel. ... Documents Similar To Family Tree of Rizal. Family Tree Jose RIzal. Uploaded by. Moonisah Uddin. Jose Rizal Family Tree. Uploaded by. Alyana Dizon. Jose Rizal Family Tree. Uploaded by.


I have written a lot of articles before and some were featuring Jose Rizal but I never had the chance to trace his family tree. It was in recent years that I decided to follow the family history and genealogical trails that I found out that I'm distantly related to the national hero.


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The Mercado - Rizal Family: The Rizals is considered one of the biggest families during their time. Domingo Lam-co, the family's paternal ascendant was a full-blooded Chinese who came to the Philippines from Amoy, China in the closing years of the 17th century and married a Chinese half-breed by the name of Ines de la Rosa.


Regina Ursua Brigada Quintos Jose Josefa Family Tree of Dr.Jose Rizal Ines Dela Rosa Manuel de Quintos Narcisa Saturnina Concepcion Benigna Maria Foundation Cirila Bernacha Francisco Mercado II Lucia Olympia Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo Cirila Alejandra Paciano Trinidad Teodora Alonzo