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Dangers and Risks of Belly Button Piercing (Navel Piercing)Dangers and Risks of Belly Button Piercing (Navel Piercing)Are you thinking of getting your belly button pierced. This ThoughtfulTattoos article provides some information about navel piercing that will help you understand its associated dangers and risks. Ningthoujam SandhyaraniLast Updated: Feb 24, 2018People get their body pierced ...


Instead of improving your look, a belly button piercing could end up giving you daily annoyances! Before you go ahead and get a belly button piercing, consider the risks and restrictions involved in having one: Infection, Rejection, and Deformity. Again, the belly button has tiny folds that require regular cleaning.


Before you get a belly button piercing, there are a few things you should know. Find out how to choose a piercer you can trust and why you should never see someone who uses piercing guns. Also ...


If you want a belly button piercing, the most important step is to find a reputable piercer. Some areas require a license and documentation of training that qualify them as a certified trained piercer. How Is Belly Button Piercing. Here are the common steps for piercing the belly button: The piercing room must appear clean and smell clean.


During that time, you’re at risk of infection. We explain cleaning tips, how to tell if your piercing’s infected, and when to see your doctor. ... What to Do with an Infected Belly Button ...


A belly button ring requires more care and carries more risk than ear piercing. Learn what to expect, and find out how to choose the right salon.


Everyone can expect a different time for their piercing to completely heal. There are several factors that you’ll have to consider such as your overall health and how well you follow the aftercare guide. But depending on how you care for your piercing and how healthy you are, your belly button piercing can be healed in a three to six months ...


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Body piercing is a big decision. We hope that this guide answers your questions and helps you understand all of the possible risks, so that you can make a decision that’s best for you. If you do decide to get a body piercing, we hope that you will follow the safety guidelines for after-care.