Ring bologna is made by grinding beef and pork together, mixing the ground meat with seasonings and stuffing it into a casing. Although it can be made from a variety of ingredients, typically it includes beef round casin... More »

Country Smokehouse, Klement's, Old Wisconsin and Wisconsin River Meats are some brands of ring bologna sausage. Wisconsin River Meats' ring bologna is Wisconsin's Grand Champion for the years 2010 and 2013. More »

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An easy recipe for onion rings is best ever onion rings that requires only eggs, milk, flour, baking powder and onion salt in addition to onions and vegetable oil for the frying. Another easy recipe is cornmeal-fried oni... More »

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Some examples of processed meats are bacon, sausage and lunch meats like bologna. Chicken nuggets, hamburger patties and kebabs are also examples of processed meats. More »

Beef bologna is made from any beef muscle meat from a cow; however, chicken, turkey, pork or any combination thereof can be used to make bologna. This sausage, also known as hot dogs, wieners or frankfurters, is required... More »

Sausages come in a large assortment of types and flavors made with a wide variety of meats, not only pork. For example, Lebanon bologna is a type of American dry salami made with beef. More »

Sausage casing is made out of either animal intestines or an artificially processed material, such as collagen, cellulose or plastic. The most common kind of plastic is nylon, though polyethylene and polypropylene are al... More »

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