Good fishing spots in the Santee Cooper lake system vary by season and by the type of fish. Popular spots include the Rimini and C.Alex Harvin landing piers and the Taw Creek bank and pier. More »

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The choice of bait to use when fishing in a lake or large pond depends on many factors, such as the type of fish being sought, weather conditions and the time of day. However, the best baits to use are often live baits s... More »

While you can ice fish at most lakes and ponds that have frozen over, methods to find the best spots include inquiring at a local tackle shop, hiring a licensed ice fishing guide or reading ice fishing reports for your a... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

It depends on what season it is when determining the best time to go fishing. During the spring and fall, it is best to go in the afternoon and early evening. During the summer, it is best to go early morning and early s... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

The Old Farmer's Almanac website offers a year-long calendar featuring the best times and days to fish on rivers, lakes and bays throughout the nation. The calendar focuses on periods during which the moon is between its... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities