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A prominent right hilum is an enlargement of the root of the lung. It may exist naturally due to normal variation of the structure, or it may be caused by a disease.


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Enlarged lymph nodes in the hilum may occur in both the right and left hilum (bilateral lymphadenopathy) or on one side alone (asymmetric lymphadenopathy.) Causes may include: ung cancer : Lung cancer is the most common cause of unequal hilar regions in adults, both due to the presence of a tumor and to the presence of involved lymph nodes.


The hilum of the lung is a wedge-shaped section in the central area of the lung that permits arteries, veins, nerves, bronchi, and other structures to enter and exit. Both human lungs have a hilar region, meaning both lungs have an area called the hilum.


Location. The root of the right lung lies behind the superior vena cava and part of the right atrium, and below the azygos vein.That of the left lung passes beneath the aortic arch and in front of the descending aorta; the phrenic nerve, pericardiacophrenic artery and vein, and the anterior pulmonary plexus, lie in front of each, and the vagus nerve and posterior pulmonary plexus lie behind.


The left hilum is commonly higher than the right Check the position, size and density of each hilum The lung roots, or hila (singular – hilum), are complicated anatomical structures containing the pulmonary vessels and the major bronchi, arranged asymmetrically.


Summary Information: Hilar Lymph Nodes. Hilar Lymph Nodes: Hilar lymph nodes are glands that are a part of the immune system and are located where the lungs meet the bronchi. Hilar lymph nodes consist of lymphatic tissues enclosed by a fibrous capsule. They contain scavenging white blood cells that fight infection and its spread.


The upper line is drawn at the level of left hilum while lower line is drawn at the level of right hilum. What are the causes of loss of the concavity of the hilum? The concavity of hilum is lost and will be convex or will have opacity in the location if there is usually-Enlarged hilar lymph nodes. Hilar mass. Note the bulge in the bilateral hila.


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